The Air Informatics ® LCC considers the following as a working definition of e-Enabled:

  1. A certificated aircraft, system or systems-of-systems of complex embedded component that enable a bidirectional exchange of information with a technical, operational,or business purpose via a communication network, mediated by a gateway or device that provides a secure consolidated aviation information and communication exchange.

  2. A ground or aircraft network that provides both physical, MAC and application layer connectivity between devices within a purposed aviation machine-to-machine area network.

  3. A framework that provides a robust set of enablers for transparent, seamless identification, authentication and secure connection of the embedded components, systems or system-of-systems to the aviation machine-to-machine area network to complete the required information and communication exchange.

  4. The integration of embedded components, systems or system-of-systems and aviation machine-to-machine area network, linking the business domains, the airplane and the enterprise, to provide privacy, security, connectivity and mobility sufficient to meet the business and operational needs of the aviation industry.


FAA Order 8900.1 Volume 3, Chapter 61, Aircraft Network Security Program (ANSP) and Notice N8900, OpSpec D301 states:

  1. Next Generation e-Enabled aircraft designs use TCP/IP technology for the main aircraft backbone, connecting flight-critical avionics, passenger information and entertainment systems in a manner that virtually makes the aircraft an airborne, interconnected network domain server.

  2. E-Enabled aircraft have the capability to reprogram flight critical avionics components wirelessly and via various data transfer mechanisms. This capability alone, or coupled with passenger connectivity on the e-Enabled aircraft network, may result in cyber security vulnerabilities from intentional or unintentional corruption of data and/or systems critical to the safety and continued airworthiness of the airplane.

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"e-Enabled" aircraft are composed of highly integrated interconnected software and firmware driven computer systems with specific real-time computing and control tasks. TCP/IP data links in-flight and on-ground transfer and receive critical control, navigation, operations and maintenance information. While bringing a higher level of efficiency to flight and business operations, they also bring safety implications, risks and requirements. This isn’t our father’s airplane!

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