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Your Flight Operations, Maintenance, and Support Depends On It.

  1. Is your wireless e-Enabled GateLink® Gateway coverage optimized with the proper placement of access points and configured with the best antennas to eliminate RF gaps?

  2. Do you have the optimum wireless e-Enabled GateLink® network infrastructure in place to provide the redundancy and robustness needed for critical operations?

  3. Do you have the time, expertise, equipment, and staff to answer these questions? 

  4. An Air Informatics® LLC Wireless Airport Site Survey will provide these answers and more to ensure your peace of mind and help assure that your complex is ready for the Wireless Airplane Revolution.

Air Informatics® LLC Wireless Airport Site Survey

Conducting a professional wireless GateLink Gateway® network survey will save both time and money. It is impossible to under estimate the importance of a wireless site survey when it comes to properly implementing a wireless e-Enabled GateLink® Gateway network.

Many wireless networks simply do not work as intended or under perform. There is only one best way to optimize your Gatelink Gateway® network, that with a wireless e-Enabled GateLink® network site survey. Your critical flight operations, maintenance and support depend on the integrity, performance and coverage of your e-Enabled GateLink® Gateway infrastructure, and you need to be sure your network performs as intended.  A Gatelink Gateway® wireless site survey will enable you to select the optimal number, placement, channels, transmit power levels the correct antenna of your access points to provide the best radio frequency (RF) coverage and the most effective e-Enabled Gatelink network. Your need to assure you have an easy, hassle-free network with no gaps or dead spots to create an uninterrupted wireless flow of critical data is addressed.

The wireless site survey provides a visualize RF coverage map of your gates, ramp and maintenance area, and report the performance of your Wireless LAN's. The site survey will determine and record signal strengths, RF interference and noise levels for the entire coverage area. The survey includes detailed documentation on all aspects of the survey and your proposed or existing network.

With the Air Informatics software tools and our skilled staff, a site survey is an economical first step in designing your network infrastructure. Air Informatics LLC has a knowledgeable, agile and responsive team. Our mobile tools are easily transported with the team as standard cargo on a commercial plane. Air Informatics does not have the overhead and burden of other companies.  Therefore, we provide a cost effective survey without any excessive overhead and transportation costs.

Air Informatics® LLC team members consulted to one of the major airplane manufacturers and were responsible for the “Airplane in a Box” and “Airport in a Box” concepts. Our wireless and network professionals authored an important text on wireless deployment and helped define the ARINC and RTCA standards.

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An airport, gate and ramp wireless site survey is a critical first step in developing a ne-Enabled GateLink® Gateway® deployment strategy. Understanding what is needed will allow for making intelligent decisions and eliminate costly surprises. With the right software tools and a skilled staff, a site survey is an economical first step in designing your network infrastructure. Air Informatics® LLC has a knowledgeable, agile and responsive team to conduct or support your Airport Wireless Site Survey.

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