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Air Informatics® LLC provides a comprehensive e-Enabled wireless system management and performance tracking service. This includes airport and maintenance facility GateLink Gateway® and aircraft wireless e-Enabled Digital Information Delivery systems, wireless Maintenance, EFB connection and passenger IFE wireless systems. Our fully managed solution is the most cost effective and most capable, flexible service in the industry.

e-Enabled Wireless System Management

A tenant of new generation of e-Enabled digital, software intensive aircraft is wireless connectivity. From nose to tail, from aircraft performance to passenger satisfaction the ability to deliver data, information and entertainment is a critical airline success factor. WiFi was first introduced in 1994 yet it is use is just emerging in aviation. The typical airline and avionic engineer have little knowledge, training, tools or time to manage a global mobile occasionally connected wireless link.

Wireless Cyber Security should be the first consideration, NOT the last line of thought in the management of a airplane wireless link. Constant diligence is required. This include both the security logs and the wireless link. It must be managed across the entire fleet and the entire network. What happend on the other side of the globe will play out at you main hub airport. Air Informatics provides the highest possible wireless and information security. Diligence and experience are the key words. We have the best team in the industry and serve our client above and beyond all else.

Wireless network and component performance is critical to your operatons, and passenger satisfaction. Manufacturer, vendor and contract Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees are meaningless without a means to measure, report and track the wireless performance of your TWLU, CWLU, WDNU, EFB and passenger IFE systems. Wireless data delivery is complex, and manual management is challenging, frustrating and time consuming. What you need is a daily comprehensive report delivered to your mailbox and access to our performance dashboard. By airport and airplane, we deliver the data you need.

About the Air Informatics® LCC e-Enabled wireless system management and tracking services:

Our wireless management and performance service addresses the key e-Enabled wireless systems on board the aircraft, and on the ground connecting to the aircraft. This includes WiFi (802.11 a, b, g, n, ac, ad), BlueTooth (802.15), Zigbee, WiMax (802.16), AeroMac. Our services include:

  1. Management and performance monitoring of your airport wireless GateLink Gateway® assets

  2. Management and performance monitoring of the airport wireless backhaul point-to-point and point-to-multi point GateLink Gateway® mesh network

  3. Monitoring and tracking of your on board passenger WiFi performance

  4. Providing an independent assessment of wireless data deliver equipment and service provider performance

  5. Wireless performance evaluation, problem resolution and root cause analysis

  6. Wireless component and system performance verification and validation

  7. Monitoring and tracking of your airplane cellular data delivery link performance

  8. Cellular data network coverage surveys and expectation alignment

  9. Do you know the cell coverage where you park and maintain your airplane?