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Air Informatics® LLC provides a fast, very secure, and cost effective e-Enabled WiFi GateLink® Gateway supporting your aircraft hanger, MRO facility, airport ramp or gate. Our GateLink Gateway® serves the world's airports, airlines, regional jets, corporate, business and fractional jet fleets and the businesses that support them. Our fully managed solution is the most cost effective and most capable, flexible solution available in the industry.

Air Informatics' e-Enabled WiFi GateLink Gateway®

Within aviation today there are few modern and recently built airports. Even with the modernized terminals very few address the needs of the e-Enabled airplane. Thus, the airline or airport operator must go through an extensive modification process, run cable, locate the IT rack, provide physical security and ensure digital cyber security. Developing a linear, one cable per access point network is expensive, difficult to install and subject to long deployment times. The smart solution is a WiFi Mesh network. The Air Informatics Mesh design is secure, efficient, cost effective and is deployed rapidly. The network is fully and remotely managed ensuring the greatest quality of service, availability and cyber security.

We provide the highest reliability in the industry by using a fully redundent equipment. Our system design assures you the highest level of reliability in the industry. Our systems meet or exceed the RTCA, ARINC and IATA standards, designed with an emphasis on privacy and security while providing the most effective solution to your information needs.

Wireless coverage of an airport or ramp is highly complex. Existing structures make deployment of the WiFi infrastructure architecture challenging, expensive and time consuming. The Air Informatics WiFi Mesh Network is the most cost effective and technically efficient solution to meet the needs of the e-Enabled airplane.

About the Air Informatics® LCC e-Enabled WiFi GateLink Gateway® Architecture:

Our e-Enabled WiFi GateLink Gateway® uses a mesh network to form a secure, aviation community resource for the two-way Hot Sync® of AMIs, LSAPs and critical information to and from the airplane.  Our equipment and services include:

  1. Centralized, fully remote network and access point management, highly scalable and secure

  2. Designed with wireless backhaul point-to-point and point-to-multi point mesh networking

  3. Self aligning with automatic recovery and configuration

  4. Secure wireless tunneling, encryption, 802.11i. 802.1X, x.509 digital certificates, e-Enabled PKI® with an integrated e-Enabled Security® appliance

  5. Airport and RADAR aware non-interference operations

  6. e-Enabled Security®, e-Enabled Certificate Management® and privacy services

  7. International WiFi Frequency Compliance

  8. Audit, tracking, verification and validation

  9. 802.11a Wireless backhaul, multiple SSIDs for independent VLANs

  10. Full, complete 24/7/365 system and equipment management and technical support