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The e-Enabled Supply Chain® is instrumental in proactive e-Enabled Maintenance operations. The concept of e-Enabling is the gathering of detailed information on that state of the airplane as well as the system on the airplane and rapid action based on the analysis of the delivered information. The e-Enabled Supply Chain® is critical to deliver the right component to the airplane. Air Informatics® LLC provides the tools to cost effectively e-Enable and manage your support and maintenance operations.

e-Enabled Supply Chain®

Threats target both the e-Enabled airplane and its operations as well as the business reputation and profitability of the airline. Air Informatics® LLC protect the airplane from all manner of threats including:

  1. Accidental modification, changes and flaws

  2. Open source code and operating system flaws

  3. Network distributed viruses, malware and malicious code

  4. Individuals and groups intent on industrial espionage

  5. Individuals intending to prove their technical prowess in a public way

  6. Criminals with an intent to defraud

  7. Anarchitists and terrorist

The Air Informatics® LLC e-Enabled Cloud®, e-Enabled Informatics®, e-Enabled PKI®, and e-Enabled Security® architecture is designed as a cost effective solution to minimize your investment and operational cost while maximizing your protection.

To reduce your costs, we provide:

  1. An industry wide solution

  2. International scope and service

  3. Centralized security control administration and management

  4. A consolidated infrastructure for an effective response

  5. The best practices in the industry

  6. Implementation assurance

  7. Consistent controls selection

  8. Support across heterogeneous aircraft and onboard systems

  9. Support for multiple manufacturers

  10. A trusted path between the airplane and the airline

Our centralized e-Enabled Informatics®, analysis and analytics solution supports different:

  1. Advanced Supply Chain Planning

  2. Improved Upstream and Downstream Flexibility

  3. Supply Chain Cost Engineering

  4. End-toEnd Risk Management

  5. Integrate and Empower Supply Chain Organization

We provide a robust e-Enabled Platform-in-Depth, providing multiple solutions, multi-layered e-Enabled Supply Chain technologies and services to address today challenges, including:.

  1. Supply Chain Volatility and Uncertainty

  2. Global Customer and Supplier Networks

  3. Regionally Tailored Supply Chains and Product Offerings

  4. End-to-End Supply Chain Cost Optimization

  5. Risk and Opportunity Management

  6. Demand Planning

  7. Product Commoditization and Disintermediation