The Air Informatics® LCC Mission:

  1. Efficient, cost effective, and advanced provider of information management, communication, knowledge management, and e-Enabled Security® service provider in the aviation industry.

  2. Serve the world-wide aviation industry and all those that benefit from e-Enabled Informatics® and e-Enabled Analytics® not only the airlines but also the manufacturers, support and service industries.

  3. Provide unequivocal excellence, innovation and integrity in serving customers regardless of their size, position or focus.

  4. Support the aviation community with an advanced e-Enabled Informatics® architecture, delivering next-generation e-Enabled Analytics® within the global Air Informatics® LLC e-Enabled Cloud®.

  5. The partner of choice in the era of the e-Enabled aircraft systems and the e-Enabled Digital Airplane.

Meeting the Information Needs of Aviation

Faster - Smarter - More Secure - Lower Cost

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Air Informatics® LLC provides a smarter, faster, more secure, lower cost solution for airplane wireless connectivity, information management, and e-Enabled PKI®, avionics, system and aircraft cyber e-Enabled Security®. We meet the wireless information needs of the entire aviation industry. The Air Informatics® LLC e-Enabled Cloud® serves the world's airlines, regional jets, corporate, business and fractional jet fleets and the businesses that support them.

Air Informatics® LLC Mission Statement