Meeting the Information Needs of Aviation

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Be it moving passenger or cargo, e-Enabled Logistics is critical for todays' economy. The ability to reliably and accurately move goods and people over vast distances directly impacts business competitiveness. Logistics is about managing customer operations, but yours fleet operations as well. Air Informatics® LLC has the airport, and ramp information, application and infrastructure architecture to meet your needs. We provide a cost effective solution to minimize your capital expenditures while maximizing your services.

e-Enabled Logistics

The management of goods between the point of origin and the point of consumption demands discipline, information and analytics. At the heart of the logistical operation is the flow of information between the consumers of information. Air Informatics® LLC has the tools, technology and resources to provide you the information you need when you need it. We address:

  1. Coordination of complex operations

  2. Organization and structure of information

  3. The analysis and analytics of information

  4. The collection, and secure transfer of information

  5. Management of the flow of information and resulting value chain

  6. Collection and normalization of information elements

Where there is light there is a need for goods, services and information. Air Informatics® LLC is there to fill the e-Enabled Logistics® need!

Our centralized solution supports all forms of:

  1. Business Logistics

  2. Transportation Logicstics

  3. Information Logicstics

The Air Informatics® LLC e-Enabled Logistics solution includes our e-Enabled Informatics® analysis and informatics engine, e-Enabled GateLink® services, e-Enabled Security®, and e-Enabled Cloud® architecture. Our platform is designed as a cost effective solution to minimize your operational cost while maximizing your capabilities. We provide:

  1. An industry wide solution

  2. International scope and service

  3. Centralized security control administration and management

  4. A consolidated infrastructure for an effective response

  5. The best practices in the industry

  6. Support across heterogeneous aircraft and systems

  7. A secure, trusted information path