Internet threats, vulnerabilities, hackers, exploits, viruses, malware are pervasive in the global IT world of todays e-Enabled Airline. A miss step, a moment where diligence is not at highest, or an exploit unknown to the designers or users cause untold havoc in maintenance, ground and flight operations. The impact run from delays, loss of goodwill, tarnished reputations, financial loss to in-flight threats. Internal and external threats must be viewed as equally likely. Every system, ground or aircraft, must be monitored with every action recorded in an event log. The result is a massive collection of logs, each must be maintained, tracked sorted, reviewed and analyzed. Aircraft logs must be retained by FAA requirements. A diligent organization download the aircraft security logs promptly and regularly, reviewing each log. This results in yet another process and policy requirement. How secure the aircraft is directly relate to the diligence of the security log reviews.

Air Informatics® LLC e-Enabled Log Management® and e-Enabled Security® Includes:

  1. Provides, supports and meets your regulatory compliance

  2. Provides and assists in forensic analysis and analytics

  3. Provides best practices and best of breed support

  4. Reduces your cost while reducing your internal staff requirements

  5. Provides rapid security incident response, and improved your disaster response

  6. Supports corporate disaster recovery

  7. Provides an industry wide e-Enabled analysis to understand false positive and false negative reporting, eliminating nuance reports and rooting out significant events

  8. Addresses both aircraft and ground system log reports providing a full end-to-end event review and analysis

  9. management includes the e-Enabled data facility , all airport and maintenance locations

  10. Provides a full e-Enabled Security Incident and event management (e-Enabled SIEM®)

  11. Track both the user and the system hardware, the communication links at all global locations

  12. Log-in event, PKI and certificate events, authorized, successful, failed, and insufficient resource events

  13. Provides full trend analysis, including usage, network, person and system component, normal and abnormal completion

  14. System update tracking, AMI events and e-Enabled Digital Information Delivery

  15. Full reporting of scheduled and ad-hoc on demand requests

The Operator, Manufacturer, Software Developer, Insurance and Financing Partners must consider the security risk and potential impact. e-Enabled Security® Logs are:

  1. Critical reports for safe flight operations

  2. Required to be maintained and stored by the regulatory agencies

  3. Fully discoverable in by the National Transportation Safety Board

  4. Critical components during legal actions and subject to full disclosure

  5. Potentially required by the airplane leasing Companies

  6. Potentially required by the aircraft and company insurance providers

  7. Subject to review to support maintenance operations

  8. Critical to the security incident response

  9. Critical to the improvement of industry wide improvement of e-Enabled Security®

  10. Subject to fleet wide and airline wide audits and reviews

  11. Required for OEM and third party technical support

  12. Potentially required for international operations

Meeting the Information Needs of Aviation

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e-Enabled Security® depends on e-Enabled Log Management® and Analysis. The design of the e-Enabled ground architecture and e-Enabled Security® is a fundamental to the operator, the manufacturer and to the regulatory agency. Front and center, is the control, management, review and analysis of the e-Enabled Security® Logs. While regulations call for the storage and retention, far more is needed! They must be downloaded, stored off the aircraft, reviewed and analyzed.

e-Enabled Log Management®