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The connected and wirelessly e-Enabled Airplane have created new opportunities for In-Flight Entertainment (e-Enabled IFE®), passenger engagement and new revenue sources. What was once a cost is now a revenue opportunity. Air Informatics® LLC provides the connectivity, security, architecture and tools to manage your In Flight Entertainment resources and transactions. Customized content, peer-to-peer gaming, marketing and focused advertising are ready for your captive viewer.

e-Enabled IFE® Content Delivery and Management

The opportunities for increasing revenue through In-Flight Entertainment is unprecedented in the history of flight. The opportunities are only limited by the imagination and the ability to engage the airplane and customer. Air Informatics® LLC can address your needs, including:

  1. Focused Advertising

  2. Custom Marketing

  3. Peer-to-Peer Engagement, Advisement and Purchase

  4. Customized Content

  5. Individuals In-Seat Engagement

  6. Transaction Management

  7. Content Brokering

The Air Informatics® LLC e-Enabled Cloud®, e-Enabled GateLink Gateway®, and e-Enabled Security® architecture are the tools you need for cost effective content delivery and management. Thus we can minimize your investment and operational cost while maximizing your revenue opportunities.

To reduce your costs, we provide:

  1. An industry wide solution

  2. International scope and global service

  3. A consolidated infrastructure for an effective delivery

  4. Global Market Based Content

  5. Implementation assurance

  6. Destination Engagement

  7. Support for multiple manufacturers

  8. A trusted path between the airplane and the airline

  9. Support across heterogeneous aircraft and onboard systems

  10. Full security control administration and management

Our centralized solution supports different:

  1. National and international laws

  2. Global Markets and Global Delivery with Passenger Focused Content

We provide a Robust-in-Depth Delivery and Management Architecture, with multi-layered e-Enabled Security® technologies and service:

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