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Air Informatics® LLC provides a fast, very secure, and cost effective e-Enabled GateLink® Gateway supporting aviation industry. Air Informatics® LLC is the gateway to the e-Enabled Cloud®, serving the world's airports, airlines, regional jets, corporate, business and fractional jet fleets and the businesses that support them. We provide the best solution for your airplane wireless connectivity, e-Enabled Security®, e-Enabled Safety® and e-Enabled Information management needs.

Air Informatics' e-Enabled GateLink® Gateway

The IT networked systems and e-Enabled Digital Aircraft and its multiple operated components generate huge quantities of data and hundreds of AHM reports that must be transferred to the appropriate non-flight users. This airplane also needs a vast array of e-Enabled AMIs and e-Enabled LSAP®s that must also be transmitted through this interface. As an airplane operator, you must be prepared for both scheduled and unscheduled transfer of this information if the airplane is to be operated safely, efficiently, and cost effectively.

We provide the highest reliability in the industry by using a fully redundent equipment. Our system design assures you the highest level of reliability in the industry. Our systems meet or exceed the RTCA, ARINC and IATA standards, designed with an emphasis on privacy and e-Enabled Aviation® Information Security (e-Enabled AvInfoSec®) while providing the most effective solution to your information needs.

For the first time in airline history, the airplane is a fully integrated hub on the enterprise network. This provides both challenge and opportunities for new levels of cost savings and efficiencies.

About the Air Informatics® LCC e-Enabled GateLink® Gateway:

Our e-Enabled GateLink® Gateway is an secure, aviation community resource that impliments the two-way transfer of AMIs, e-Enabled LSAP®s and critical information to and from the airplane. We Hot Sync® the the aircraft downloadable software for the management, operation, safety and security of the aircraft and other flight vehicle operation. Our Hot Sync® architecture, equipment and services include:

  1. Wireless Airplane to Gatelink and Air Informatics® to Airline connectivity

  2. Assured e-Enabled Digital Information Delivery

  3. Prioritized data and e-Enabled IFE® content delivery

  4. Terminal Wireless LAN Unit (TWLU) management

  5. e-Enabled PKI® architecture

  6. e-Enabled Security®, and privacy services

  7. e-Enabled Certificate Management®

  8. Audit, tracking, verification and validation

  9. e-Enabled Analytics® and e-Enabled Informatics®

  10. e-Enabled Information and Reports, e-Enabled LSAP®, e-Enabled IFE® Staging, queling and e-Enabled Content Management

  11. Hot Sync® e-Enabled LSAP®, Data staging, and Hot Sync® the e-Enabled Electronic Flight Bag navigation, aeronautical and ATC information

  12. Full, complete 24/7/365 system and equipment management and technical support