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The Air Informatics® LLC e-Enabled ETM (Engine Trend Monitoring) provides an aviation community resource shared among a limited number of trusted aviation clients with common missions and shared security and privacy requirements, policy, compliance and cost concerns. This global architecture platform is focused on providing the end-user with a best-of-class service to meet the e-Enabled Aviation® needs.

e-Enabled Engine Trend Monitoring

Air Informatics® LLC has the confidence to offer flexible, and reasonable contract term. Furthermore, with our end-user focused service level agreement, we stand out from the competition. While our competitors are attempting to lock you in with decade long contracts and onerous terms, we believe our flexible renewal policy and our outstanding e-Enabled Cloud® platform-as-a-service makes Air Informatics® LLC the service provider of choice.

We provide the highest service, reliability, security and privacy in the industry. Our global system architecture assures you the highest level of function at the lowest cost. Furthermore, our system meets or exceeds the FIPS, NIST and Common Criteria standards, designed to emphasize privacy and security while providing the most effective solution to your e-Enabled Aviation® needs.

Air Informatics® LCC redefines cloud computing, with our e-Enabled Cloud®
"Your Data Is Safe On The Ground While You Are Flying In The Clouds."

Our e-Enabled Cloud ® and GateLink Gateway® is a global resource with the tools necessary to collect, deliver and understand the e-Enabled Digital Aircraft. Our architecture is a highly secure, private aviation community resource that provides the communication, information, analytics, and informatics services for the industry. With Air Informatics® you can Hot Sync® your fleet from any where at any time.

  1. Reduction of up-front costs for easy migration, and deployment

  2. Centralized control with the ability to scape up and down without disrupting service

  3. Flexible, elastic and agile to meet your needs

  1. On-demand and scheduled data, analysis and informatics resources

  2. Virtual, pooled security, dynamic hardware and software resources

  3. On-demand and scheduled data, analysis and informatics resources

  4. Multiple high bandwidth, protected, low-latency network and connection links

  5. The strongest security from external threats with zero day update management

  1. Professional data management, isolation and protection mechanisms, compliance checking, security scanning, backup, archiving, site redundancy and disaster recovery

  2. FIPS based edge and centrally managed e-Enabled GateLink® Gateways for secure ramp connectivity (for ITARs compliant locations)

  3. Real time digital forensics, activity reporting, audit and immediate incident response

  4. Logical data separation for sensitive and non-sensitive information