Air Informatics® LLC provides a dedicated secure e-Enabled GateLink® Gateway information delivery and management network to meet your needs. With our collaborative infrastructure we reduce your costs and increase your effectiveness. Our technology experts deliver a customized information management and delivery solution to meet your operational requirements and business objectives. We delivery data of all forms, including: software and software updates, audio, voice, video, images, entertainment, messages, alerts, data files, navigation information, documents and other media to support air traffic control, navigation, engine and airplane support, maintenance and operations. The data exchange we provides is a secure platform to manage, backup, exchange or synchronize information between the airplane and the enterprise. Authorized users can securely access, place and manage their information in our staging database. Our services can support your needs anywhere in the world.

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Air Informatics® LLC Operational and e-Enabled Services Include:

  1. e-Enabled GateLink® Gateway and Wireless Network Management

  2. e-Enabled PKI®, and e-Enabled Security® Management

  3. e-Enabled Certificate Management®

  4. e-Enabled Configuration Management® and e-Enabled EDMS®

  5. e-Enabled Digital Information Delivery (e-Enabled DID) and Management

  6. e-Enabled Maintenance and e-Enabled MRO®

  7. Aircraft and System e-Enabled Fault Data Analysis and Engine Trend Analysis

  8. e-Enabled AHM®, and Airplane Health Management Analysis

  9. e-Enabled EFB content, data delivery and security

  10. e-Enabled FOQA®, and e-Enabled FDM

  11. e-Enabled IFE®, Content Delivery, Staging and Management

  12. Catering Information Management and Informatics

  13. Cabin Service Transactions, Information Management and Informatics

  14. Operations Information Management

  15. Conversion of e-Enabled Digital Aircraft data to human readable information

  16. Delivery of LSAP updates and upgrades for avionics and system software


  1. Airplane Managers

  2. MROs

  3. Airplane Completions

  4. Private Jet Owners and Operators

  5. Airplane Leasing

  6. Very Light Jet Owners

  7. Air Taxi Operators

  8. Corporate Flight Departments

  9. Fractional Jet Operators

  10. Regional Jets

  11. Airlines

  12. Airports

  13. Regional Aviation Authorities

Meeting the Information Needs of Aviation

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Todays' airplane is software intensive, computer driven, digital and wirelessly connected. e-Enabled Onboard Networked Systems (e-Enabled ONS) manage critical systems of systems and the volumes of data the plane generates. Thus, Engineering Data Management Services (e-Enabled EDMS®) are critical to the operations, security and safety of the airplane.

e-Enabled Engineering Data Management Services