Meeting the Information Needs of Aviation

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The e-Enabled Airplane is, for the first time, directly and digitally connected to the entire aviation industry. The information chain starts with the airplane itself and connects to each stakeholder in the aviation industry. This entirely new information chain and has thrust the aviation industry into an age of great opportunity. Air Informatics® LLC provides the e-Enabled Digital Information Delivery (e-Enabled DID) network, services and management to provide the right information to the right stakeholder at the right time.

e-Enabled Digital Information Delivery

The Hot Sync® of e-Enabled Airplane digital information is critical to the success of the e-Enabled Airline. Air Informatics® LLC provides the tools, management and analytics to support e-Enabled Aviation®. This includes:

  1. A Global e-Enabled Cloud® computing architecture

  2. An e-Enabled Informatics® information architecture

  3. A fully connected, managed and cyber secured e-Enabled GateLink® system for the e-Enabled Airport

  4. An e-Enabled Aviation® community resourced linking all the aviation stakeholders

  5. A team of experts knowledgable and experienced in e-Enabled Informatics®, and e-Enabled Security®

  6. State of the art wireless and cellular data knowledge, services, systems and architectures

  7. A global 24/7/365 e-Enabled Support service to meet your e-Enabled Aviation®needs

The Air Informatics® LLC e-Enabled DID incorporates our full scope e-Enabled Security® architecture designed to minimize your investment and operational cost while maximizing your Cyber Security protection. To reduce your costs, and increase your capabilities, we provide:

  1. An e-Enabled Aviation® industry wide solution

  2. International scope and service

  3. Centralized security control administration and management

  4. A consolidated e-Enabled Cloud® for an effective global capability

  5. The best practices in the industry

  6. Implementation assurance

  7. Consistent security controls and a defence in depth

  8. Support across aircraft fleets and diverse onboard systems

  9. Support for multiple aircraft and system manufacturers

  10. A trusted path between the airplane and the airline

Our centralized solution supports:

  1. National and international laws

  2. Export, intercept, security, privacy, and airworthiness regulations

  3. EASA, FAA and national CAA airworthiness regulations, SAE and RTCA Guidelines and ARINC Standards

We provide a robust e-Enabled Service-in-Depth, providing multiple service and technology solutions for global multi-layered e-Enabled Security®, and the e-Enabled technologies and services to Hot Sync®, deliver, collect, manage, understand and of your critical e-Enabled Aviation® data, Air Traffic Control, databases, software (e-Enabled LSAP®s), and Airline Modifiable Information (e-Enabled AMI).