Increasingly, airlines and airports are reducing operating expenses and improving workflow by using aviation-grade wireless technologies to connect to aircraft while on the ground. Yet many lack the expertise, time or staff to effectively survey outdoor locations for the optimal positioning of wireless routers or select the right equipment offered by a variety of vendors.

The Air Informatics® LLC business experts can develop the optimum wireless e-enabled business, technology and operational strategy. We can survey your ramp environment to determine wireless interference and IP throughput, determine the optimal positioning of wireless routers and system architecture for maximum value - minimum interference and maximum bandwidth. The Air Informatics® LLC team can assess, plan, and provide our wireless e-Enabled GateLink® Gateway network tailored to your operational requirements and business objectives.

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Air Informatics® LLC provides Airline, Airport e-Enabled Gatelink®, and e-Enabled Consulting® Services, including:

Management Services

  1. Project, Portfolio and Program Management

  2. Information Security Assessment and Organization Assessment

  3. e-Enabled Strategic Planning and Business Continuity Planning

  4. e-Enabled GateLink® Gateway and Network Planning

  5. e-Enabled Digital Information Delivery, e-Enabled DID and e-Enabled FDM

  6. e-Enabled Quality Assurance,Technical Assessment

  7. e-Enabled Process Integration, and Business Practice Improvement

  8. e-Enabled Mobile and Wireless Strategy

  9. e-Enabled Security®, e-Enabled PKI®, and e-Enabled Certificate Management

e-Enabled Security® Architecture and Services

  1. e-Enabled GateLink® Gateway, network, mobile, wireless technology and e-Enabled Security®

  2. e-Enabled PKI® (Public Key Infrastructure), and e-Enabled Certificate Management

  3. Aviation, airport security, operations and e-Enabled Safety

  4. Airline, crew and passenger security

  5. Aviation and airliner mobile wireless e-Enabled Security®

  6. e-Enabled Certificate Management, digital signature and operation

  7. Aviation, airliner, passenger and crew medical safety and operations

  8. Legal issues in international export and security

  9. International Wireless and security regulation

  10. Security and police infrastructure operations

  11. Integration with federal and international security and military agencies

Aviation and Airplane e-Enabled Informatics®

  1. e-Enabled Aviation®, Airport, Airline, Flight Data (e-Enabled FDM) and engine informatics

  2. e-Enabled Configuration Management®, and e-Enabled EDMS®

  3. e-Enabled Operational Models, e-Enabled AHM and Health Management Systems

  4. Integration into business process and models

  5. e-Enabled and IT integration of airplane systems and e-Enabled Application development

  6. e-Enabled Security® Log Management, e-Enabled SEIM, and Analysis.

e-Enabled GateLink Gateway, Wireless Network and Airport Infrastructure Architecture

  1. e-Enabled GateLink® Gateway, wireless, mobile and network e-Enabled Security® architecture

  2. e-Enabled Security®, e-Enabled PKI®, and e-Enabled Certificate Management

  3. e-Enabled Aviation® and airline information architecture

  4. e-Enabled Aviation®, e-Enabled GateLink® Gateway and airport infrastructure architecture

  5. Mobile, wireless and backhaul architecture requirements, design and implementation

  6. Wireless airport and airliner technology

  7. Aviation, airliner, airplane and personnel identity and access management

  8. WiMax (802.16), WiFi (802.11a,b,g,n,ac,ad), 3G and 4G (LTE) cellular wireless technology

  9. Aviation wireless and network standards

  10. Airport, airline and airplane WLAN and WWAN evaluation and assessment

  11. e-Enabled GateLink® Gateway and wireless network management

  12. e-Enabled GateLink Gateway®, wireless, mobile and e-Enabled Security® best practices

e-Enabled GateLink® Gateway and Wireless Business Model and Value

  1. e-Enabled GateLink® Gateway, wireless and mobile business models and value creation

  2. Integration into fleet operations, MRO, Flight Deck data management

  3. Market focused planning and execution

  4. Business, technology and application integration

  5. Business management, cost savings and revenue enhancement

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The next aviation revolution is from digital, IT networked systems, and e-Enabled Digital Aircraft. It brings greater efficiency, enhanced services, and increased profitability, yet ushers in a rapidly changing and challenging environment. Wireless data, e-Enabled Security®, e-Enabled Informatics®, and e-Enabled Analytics® are integrated into every aspect an airplane's operations. As the consultant of choice, Air Informatics® LLC has the expertise, knowledge and experience to help you succeed.

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