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Air Informatics® LLC provides a smarter, faster, more secure, lower cost solution for airplane wireless connectivity, system security and information management. We meet the wireless information needs of the entire aviation industry. Air Informatics® LLC serves the world's airlines, regional jets, corporate, business and fractional jet fleets and the businesses that support them.

Air Informatics® LLC Clients

Our firm was formed to meet the information needs of aviation as the industry enters the era of the e-Enabled Digital Airplane. Air Informatics® LLC provides security, information management, analytics and informatics for IT and wirelessly enabled airplanes and operations.

In addition to our Boeing 787 and 747-8 experience, members of the Air Informatics® LLC team has supported the following programs and systems:

    Air Informatics® LCC Clients Include:

  1. Royal Jordanian Airlines

  2. e-Enabled Security Awareness Training

  3. International Air Transportation Association (IATA)

  4. Aviation Cyber Security Instructors

  5. Southwest Airlines e-Enabled InFlight Wireless IFE and Wi-Fi Technical Assessment

  6. In Flight Testing of the On-Board Wi-Fi and Satellite based IFE Performance

  7. Kenya Airways

  8. 787 e-Enabled Ground Architecture Information Security Assessment

  9. American Airlines

  10. 787 Entry Into Service Efforts

  11. 787 Aircraft Network Security Program (ANSP) Regulatory Certification

  12. 787 LSAP Configuration Management® Program

  13. Gulfstream's G650 Business Aircraft

  14. GE Aviation's Airplane Health Management System4

  15. Wireless Network Performance Assessment

  16. Bombardier's Global 5000/6000 Business Aircraft1

  17. Rockwell Collins Global Vision Flight Deck2 Network Assessment

  18. Aircraft Wired and Wireless Network Security Special Condition3 Response and Certification Management

  19. Boeing Rotorcraft

  20. CH-47 Health Management System Requirements

  21. Boeing's 787 Dreamliner and 747-8 Aircraft Programs

  22. e-Enabled Aircraft Systems and Architectures, see above

  23. 787 Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

  24. 787 Airplane Network Security Operators Guidance (ANSOG)

  25. e-Enabled Wired and Wireless Maintenance Laptop Configuration, Use and Cyber Security




3) For details on FAA, TCCA, and EASA Special Condition, click here.