Air Informatics® LLC provides a dedicated secure e-Enabled Digital Certificate management services. As a collaborative partner we reduce your costs, increase your effectiveness and operational readiness. Our technology and experts deliver a customized e-Enabled Digital Certificate Management and delivery service to meet your operational requirements and business objectives. Our e-Enabled Certificate Management® hub simplifies the purchase, deployment, renewal and expiry of digital certificates for aircraft and all the components of the airlines e-Enabled ground system servers, systems and users. The service is designed to streamline certificate management while providing secure certificates from a recognized brand in e-Enabled Aviation.®

  1. Is your e-Enabled Digital Certificate Management and renewal process seamless or a headache?

  2. Are you sure you will know when to renew your CA signed certificates, do you know when the signature expires?

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  1. Air Informatics® LLC e-Enabled Certificate® Management Services Include:

  2. Our e-Enabled Certificate Management® service fully support your e-Enabled MRO® operations

  3. Provides assurance that aircraft, LSAP, crate, and partner identity, any and all transactions are legitimate and valid

  4. Ensures that only the intended recipients can receive the aircraft reports and files

  5. Provides full and complete information at your fingertips, the details are reported and available

  6. Are you able to respond quickly and effeciently when confronted with the next HeartBleed OpenSSL exploit?

  7. Our e-Enabled Certificate Management® Service is a fully service that works with all Certificate Authorities

  8. Our e-Enabled Certificate Management® works seamlessly within your e-Enabled PKI®

  9. e-Enabled Aircraft certificate, PKI Key Pair tracking for all aircraft, your external partners and vendors

  10. Managed generation of PKI key pairs, certificate signing requests and importantly certificate revocation lists (CRLs)


  1. Airlines

  2. Airplane Managers

  3. MROs

  4. Airplane Leasing Companies

  5. Private Jet Owners and Operators

  6. Corporate Flight Departments

  7. Regional Jets

Meeting the Information Needs of Aviation

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With the advent of e-Enabled digital, software intensive, connected airplane and the modification of legacy aircraft with onboard networked systems aircraft security is a critical component. Fortunately, a well understood security construct exists. Yet, it requires time, staff and expertise manage the on-board security architecture. Failure to do so puts the aircraft and passengers at risk at worst, and subjects the airline to increased delays at best.

e-Enabled Certificate Management®