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Air Informatics® LLC provides a cost effective, very secure, high bandwidth, e-Enabled 4G Cellular GateLink® data delivery solution. It is a drop-in, plug-and-play architecture that fully meets your e-Enabled Airplane data delivery needs. This global solution operates independently of the airport architecture and fully and securely links with the aircraft terminal wireless LAN. It is your gateway to the e-Enabled Cloud®.

e-Enabled Cellular GateLink Gateway®

This system is highly secure, robust and designed with the highest reliability. We provide an option for multiple cellular connections and automatic fail over if a carrier goes off line. The power management and built in system monitoring provides for the great possible up time. With our monitoring, tracking and reporting system we provide the highest possible Quality of Service. As an airplane operator, you must be prepared for both scheduled and unscheduled transfer of this information if the airplane is to be operated safely, efficiently, and cost effectively.

We provide the highest reliability in the industry by using a fully redundent equipment. Our system design assures you the highest level of reliability in the industry. Our systems meet or exceed the RTCA, ARINC and IATA standards, designed with an emphasis on privacy and security while providing the most effective solution to your information needs.

The Air Informatics® LLC Cellular GateLink Gateway® Solution is a Global 4G LTE (upgradable to LTE Advanced) System. It is a fraction of the cost of the competitions 3G HSDPA unit.

About the Air Informatics® LCC e-Enabled 4G Cellular GateLink Gateway® :

Our e-Enabled 4G Cellular GateLink® Gateway is a secure, digital information delivery solution for two-way transfer of AMIs, LSAPs, EFB data as well as critical information, data and reports from the airplane. We Hot Sync® the the aircraft downloadable software for the management, operation, safety and security of the aircraft and other flight vehicle operation. Our equipment and services include:

  1. No Aircraft Installation or Modifications Required Saving Thousand of Dollars per Airplane

  2. Lowest Cost Solution - One Unit per Airport, NOT one unit per Airplane

  3. High Bandwidth Capable of Download and Upload Speeds of 100 Mbps/50 Mbps

  4. Cellular Data Back End and WiFi Front End for Aircraft TWLU Connection

  5. Airport Architecture Independent Operations

  6. Integrated Firewall and Intrusion Protection, with Zero-Day Updates

  7. Full Managed Solution with 24/7/365 system, equipment management and technical support

  8. Rapid Deployment, Plug-and-Play, Highly Secure, and Upgradeable to Advanced LTE

  9. Assured e-Enabled Digital Information Delivery, Management and Tracking

  10. LTE 700, 800, 850, 900, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2100 MHz Operating Frequencies


  12. 4G LTE Multiple Bearer Quality of Service (QoS) and Network Resiliency through WAN diversity