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The evolution of handheld devices, advanced e-Enabled Inflight Entertainment Systems (e-Enabled IFE®) and the wireless enablement of the aircraft cabin has delivered unexpected advantage and untold challenges. Understanding and characterizing that environment is the critical first step in delivery a quality system, service and providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. The first step is ensuring cyber security, followed by the wireless performance. To operate securely, effectivity and reliability, both a security scan and wireless cabin survey for safe, secure and effective operations.

IFE and Wi-Fi Strategy and Performance

Today's airline cabin is the most dense wireless environment and has the most diverse collection of wireless system every imagined. Furthermore, they are inclosed in a radio frequency reflective, partially opaque carbon fiber tube. The devices use a very wide range of frequency from Wide Area Network, Personal Area Networks, Local Area Network and cellular telephone networks. The type of devices are vast, with a wide range fo connections and content delivered, include:

  1. Smart Phones

  2. Laptop Computers

  3. Tablet Computers

  4. Streaming Audio and Video on Demand

  5. Peer-to-peer game devices

  6. Handheld IFE Devices

  7. Cabin Payment Systems

  8. Flight Attendent Tablet Connectivity

  9. Flight Deck EFB Connectivity

  10. Airline RFID Tag Monitoring and Reporting

  11. System Security and PCI Compliance

  12. Wireless Network and Equipment Monitor

  13. Personalized Passenger Information

  14. Cabin Wireless Access Points

The Air Informatics® LLC e-Enabled Aircraft Cabin site survey is critical to development and maintenance of your cabin wireless network and e-Enabled IFE® system performance.

We provide critical wireless performance measures, including:

  1. Effective footprint and performance mapping

  2. Throughput Measurements and Stress Testing

  3. Signal Strength and Noise Ratio

  4. Streaming Media Performance

  5. Web Page Performance and Competitor Comparisons

  6. Packet Loss and Retransmission Rates

  7. Radio frequency interference impacts and device identification

  8. Cabin wireless survey heat maps and structure blockage

  9. System Utilization and Wireless Airtime Budget

  10. Device tracking and Individualized Performance Measures

  11. Identification of Freeloading Users

  12. Quality of Service Measures

We provide a robust multi-layered e-Enabled Content Management and Security® services, including vulnerability and penetration testing.

  1. IFE and Wi-Fi Security Log Collection, Storage, Analysis and Management

  2. IFE and Wi-Fi Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

  3. Open Source Software Vulnerability and Threat Analysis

  4. Redundancy, back up and proactive management

  5. Security Event and Incident response management

  6. Rapid delivery of IFE Streaming Content

  7. Full tracking, recording, auditing, security verification and validation

  8. Scheduled updates, enhancements, periodic and reactive maintenance

  9. Timely updates and patches for identified software flaws and discovered vulnerabilities

The site survey measures allow you to:

  1. Develop a balanced Wi-Fi Delivery Across the Cabin® link

  2. Eliminate deployment induced degraded wireless performance

  3. Effective wireless e-Enabled Security®

  4. Tracking for cabin access point and frequency performance

Our services comply and supports different:

  1. National and international laws

  2. Export, security, privacy, and airworthiness regulations