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Air Informatics® LLC provides a smarter, faster, more secure, lower cost solution for airplane wireless connectivity, system security and information management. We meet the wireless information needs of the entire aviation industry. Air Informatics® LLC serves the world's airlines, regional jets, corporate, business and fractional jet fleets and the businesses that support them.

About Air Informatics® LLC

About Air Informatics® LCC:

Our firm was formed to meet the information needs of aviation as the industry enters the era of the e-Enabled Digital Airplane. Air Informatics® LLC provides security, information management, analytics and informatics for IT and wirelessly enabled airplanes and operations.

Air Informatics® LLC grew out of our consulting with Boeing for the development of the Boeing 787 and 747-8 programs.  Members of our team addressed:

  1. The redesign of the Crew Wireless LAN Unit (CWLU) architecture

  2. Terminal Wireless LAN Unit (TWLU) management

  3. e-Enabled PKI® architecture

  4. e-Enabled Security® services

  5. e-Enabled Certificate Management®

  6. e-Enabled Configuration Management® and e-Enabled EDMS®

  7. Airworthiness Security, Regulatory Requirements and Response (ANSOG and ANSP)

  8. Aircraft Network Vulnerability Assessment

  9. Aircraft Network Penetration Testing

  10. Boeing Field wireless gatelink architecture

  11. Gatelink business risk analysis for the 787 systems design team

  12. Participated in the 787 Service Ready Conference

  13. Boeing 787 CAS gatelink industry gap analysis

  14. Boeing development and deployment of the 787 factory wireless and security architecture

  15. A strategy plan to assure airline and airports technical wireless gatelink readiness. This plan became the baseline for Boeing’s development of the “Airplane in a Box” and “Airport in a Box” ideas.

In addition to our Boeing 787 and 747-8 experience, members of the Air Informatics® LLC team has supported the following programs and systems:

  1. Southwest Airlines e-Enabled InFlight Wireless IFE and Wi-Fi Technical Assessment

  2. In Flight Testing of the On-Board Wi-Fi and Satellite based IFE Performance

  3. Kenya Airways 787 e-Enabled Ground Architecture Information Security Assessment

  4. American Airlines 787 Entry Into Service Effort

  5. 787 Aircraft Network Security Program (ANSP) Regulatory Certification

  6. 787 LSAP Configuration Management® Program

  7. Gulfstream's G650 Business Aircraft

  8. GE Aviation's Airplane Health Management System4

  9. Wireless Network Performance Assessment

  10. Bombardier's Global 5000/6000 Business Aircraft1

  11. Rockwell Collins Global Vision Flight Deck2 Network Assessment

  12. Aircraft Wired and Wireless Network Security Special Condition3 Response and Certification Management

  13. Boeing's CH-47

  14. Health Management System Requirements

  15. Boeing's 787 Dreamliner and 747-8 Aircraft Programs

  16. e-Enabled Aircraft Systems and Architectures, see above

  17. 787 Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

  18. 787 Airplane Network Security Operators Guidance (ANSOG)

  19. e-Enabled Wired and Wireless Maintenance Laptop Configuration, Use and Cyber Security

  1. Our team not only has key airplane and aviation experience, we also have experience in other industries with critical information, infrastructure and security requirements. The AEEC and ARINC standards subcommittees are drawing heavily on healthcare, technology and finance information and security standards, as well as privacy policies. 

    The Air Informatics® LLC team experience includes informatics, healthcare, security, pharmaceutical, infrastructure architecture and financal technology (fintech). Our team members have undergraduate and graduate degrees in business management, engineering, physics, computer science, and medical informatics.




3) For details on FAA, TCCA, and EASA Special Condition, click here.