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The wireless e-Enabled Digital Information Delivery system is composed to two critical component that required peak performance. The aircraft Terminal Wireless LAN Unit (TWLU) provides the aircraft to airport e-Enabled GateLink connectivity and the Crew Wireless LAN Unit (CWLU) provides the aircraft to maintenance laptop connectivity. To operate efficiently, effectivity and reliability, both system must be measure through a wireless site survey. This provides throughput, signal strength performance coverage and blockage data allowing for optimum use.

e-Enabled Aircraft Wireless Site Survey

The TWLU - e-Enabled GateLink® network deliveries large quantities of digital information to the and received from airplane. In addition, as a system of systems, the maintenance laptop - CWLU network supports the aircraft complete it's many complex maintenance tasks. These components are critical e-Enabled Security® components that must be continuously monitored and security maintained. Air Informatics® provides a ranges of services to support your e-Enabled Digital Airplane, including:

  1. e-Enabled Security®

  2. e-Enabled Certificate Management®

  3. e-Enabled Log Management®

  4. e-Enabled PKI®

  5. e-Enabled Cloud®

  6. Airport Site Survey

  7. Aircraft TWLU Site Survey

  8. Aircraft CWLU Site Survey

  9. Wireless Performance Validation and Verification

  10. Wireless Performance Monitoring and Management

Air Informatics® LLC e-Enabled provides a a key service for developing and maintaining your e-Enabled Aviation® architecture. Our e-Enabled Digital Aircraft TWLU site survey is critical to the design of the airport GateLink Gateway® network. The e-Enabled Digital Aircraft CWLU site survey give you the information necessary to effectively maintain the airplane.

We provide critical wireless performance measures, including:

  1. Effective footprint and performance mapping

  2. Throughput

  3. Signal Strength

  4. Packet Loss and Retransmission Rates

  5. Radio frequency interference impacts

  6. Aircraft structure wireless blockages

  7. Quality of Service Measure

The site survey measures allow you to:

  1. Develop a balanced GateLink Gateway® architecture

  2. Eliminate deployment induced degraded wireless performance

  3. Effective wireless e-Enabled Security®

  4. Tracking for aircraft component performance

  5. Tracking of airport wireless performance

Our centralized solution supports different:

  1. National and international laws

  2. Export, security, privacy, and airworthiness regulations

We provide a robust multi-layered e-Enabled Security,® and wireless technology services that include:

  1. Redundancy, back up and proactive management

  2. Scheduled updates, enhancements, periodic and reactive maintenance

  3. Full tracking, recording, auditing, security verification and validation

  4. Incident response administration

  5. Rapid delivery of update and patches for identified software flaws and newly discovered vulnerabilities