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The Boeing 747-8F, Airplane RC521 Flight Test Progress Summary

The Airplane RC521 Flight Test Summary includes all flights completed up to and including those on June 30th, 2010.

Flights Completed on RC521: 19; Hours Flown: 86.8

Maximum Altitude: 37,000 Feet; Maximum Speed 608 Knots

Days Since First Flight: 105; Days Flown: 16

Note: Flights completed includes landings to a full stop. The number of missions can be lower than the reported number of flights. A flight mission can include any number of landings. Gaps in tracking data exist, lowering the flight hours shown here when compaired to the actual flight time recorded during flight testing. Since the data presented here is from public sources, FAA Radar Tracking Data, data gaps are normal occurances and do not reflect on the flight test program. Radar tracking data is only available when a flight plan has been filed and it is active. If a flight plan has been canceled in flight, the tracking ends and data is no longer available.

On February 8th 2010, the first Boeing 747-8F Freighter took to the air for the first time. Airplane number RC501 initiated the six month flight test program. Four airplanes, RC501, RC521, RC522 and RC503 are planned for the test program. The information presented below is an unofficial summary of the test program status. The information presented here is from publicly available data and is presented only for informative purposes. Additional information and data for other test aircraft will be presented once it becomes available.

Boeing 747-8F RC521 Flight Test Progress