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The e-Enabled Airplane

Air Informatics® LLC firmly believes the IT-Enabled airplanes, the Boeing 787 and 747-8, Airbus A350 and A380, Gulfstream G280, G450 and G650, Bombardier C-Series, Global 5000/7000, ATR, Embraer, and future airplanes from Mitsubishi represent the most significant change in commercial aviation since the dawn of the jet age. Air Informatics® LLC is fully committed to support these planes and the airlines that fly them.

The e-Enabled Airplane - a New Era in Commercial Aviation:

  1. The following video demonstrates how the IT-Enabled airplane's Crew Information System (CIS) collects information from the aircraft systems and transfers that information to the airline through the Terminal Wireless LAN Unit and the airport Gatelink network

Meeting the Information Needs of Aviation

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