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Air Informatics® LLC supports:

  1. Information Technology and e-Enabled Digital Aircraft

  2. e-Enabled Digital Aircraft and e-Enabled EFB

  3. e-Enabled Digital Aircraft and software intensive aircraft systems

  4. e-Enabled GateLink Gateways®, and RampLink Wireless Networks

  5. Engines with digital data collection and engine control systems

  6. Digital Audio/Video-on-Demand e-Enabled In-Flight-Entertainment (e-Enabled IFE®) systems

  7. e-Enabled Digital Airport, ramp and terminal operations

  8. Business, Corporate, Airline and Airplane e-Enabled Maintenance, and e-Enabled MRO® services

  9. e-Enabled Supply Chain® Management and e-Enabled Logistics®

  10. e-Enabled Safety®, and e-Enabled FOQA®

Air Informatics® LLC Hot Sync® systems, products and services include:

  1. Computer, application, knowledge, information management services to Hot Sync® the aircraft

  2. Secure airport wireless e-Enabled Gatelink® Gateways and e-Enabled LSAP® Librarian Proxy

  3. Airport and terminal GateLink deployment, wireless surveys, and connectivity assessments

  4. e-Enabled PKI® (Public Key Infrastructure) development, deployment and management

  5. e-Enabled Cloud® - a secure global data e-Enabled Analytics® and e-Enabled Informatics® network

  6. Aviation, airport, airline and airplane e-Enabled Data Analytics® and e-Enabled Informatics®

  7. e-Enabled Data Information Delivery network management and tracking

  8. Electronic Flight Bag information management and e-Enabled EFB Content Delivery

  9. e-Enabled IFE® content staging, wired and wireless content delivery

  10. e-Enabled Digital information Delivery (e-Enabled DID), information, software and LSAP staging

  11. Aircraft information, software, e-Enabled Configuration Management® and e-Enabled EDMS®

  12. e-Enabled Security® architectures, solutions, services development and deployment consulting

  13. Aeronautical e-Enabled Security®, network assessment, penetration testing services and cyber security consulting

The next revolution in aviation will result from the e-Enabled Digital Aircraft fleet. Integration of information technology into every aspect of a plane's operations creates greater efficiency, increased profitability and enhanced services. The Air Informatics® LLC e-Enabled Cloud® provides the infrastructure and services to achieve these goals.

Meeting the Information Needs of Aviation

Air Informatics® LLC at the forefront of e-Enabled Aviation®